How You React When Someone Cheats On You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Being cheated on is one of the worst forms of betrayal. And while you can’t change that it happened, you can control your reaction to it.

Everyone is different, and each situation requires its own level of crazy revenge plotting.

Whether you want to take the subtle subtweeting approach or if you’re feelin’ like getting all Jazmine Sullivan and bustin’ the windows out his car, getting revenge can feel pretty damn good.

If you’re looking for ideas (or you just want do a little fantasizing), here’s how each zodiac sign handles getting cheated on:


Aries: shout your betrayal from a mountain top

You hold honesty and truth to a very high standard, and anyone who messes with that can expect some serious damage. An Aries will tell your mom, call your boss and write a novel detailing your assholery. Beware.



Taurus: will slowly poison you over time

If you hurt a Taurus, they’ll want to see you suffer. A sign known for holding on to grudges, they’re more likely in create a long-term revenge plan — think “John Tucker Must Die” estrogen pills — that’ll you never suspect.


Gemini: will literally break all your shit

In a fit of rage, a Gemini will enact their revenge on your personal belongings. Keep anything of high value away from a Gemini at this time, because once they’ve been betrayed their tornado of destruction cannot be stopped.