What Your Sign Says About The Guys You Fall For


At first glance, it seems like most of my exes had nothing in common. One guy dressed like a 1930s barber, one guy was a surgeon, and one guy was named Paul, and he sucked. See? So little in common! But there has to be some common thread that attracts us to the guys we date, right? Or is it all just random?

Astrologer Aurora Tower told how much your sign influences the guys you fall for.




Since you’re almost always working, you love sensitive, loyal, and affectionate guys who make you feel nurtured and supported. Your schedule literally has no time for guys who aren’t sure if they’re into you or not. You’re too busy being pleasantly curled up in a pile of soft blankets and cozy socks eating cheese.




You love consistent, helpful, and knowledgable guys who bring structure and support into your dreamy, chaos-filled world. And in return, those guys will get one of the most romantic partners they’ve ever had. Seriously, every day with you is like living inside The Notebook, but less sad.