Weird Products Fetishists Can Buy Online

People are selling the strangest things online, and there’s a market for it! Fetishists are buying and selling everything from college girls blankets to used underwear, and making a pretty penny too.

#1 The Underground Sock Fetish On Craigslist

Florida has an underground sock trade. Yes, it’s something new, or maybe not, but at least online and in Florida it’s a new phenomenon. In south Florida Latin women are selling their used, and very dirty, socks on Craiglist for $25 a pair. The cadre of women said that “We basically wear the socks for a few days and get them really sweaty.” Another Craigslist seller explained, “Then we sell them. It’s us two and a couple of friends of mine. We’ve been in the foot fetish trade for a while. Now we are selling socks. We meet in a public place and make the exchange.” They are selling around 50 pairs a month.

It also worked for one 31-year-old guy on Reddit, who goes by the name of TeamYMD. He put up an ad in 2011 as a joke, saying his socks had been worn by a “hot college jock.” Over the next three years, he sold hundreds of pairs of used socks and made $10,000. he later graduated and began selling his “hot jock undies” for $100 a pair and is living off of his online auction sales.


#2 Chinese College Student Who Sells Girls’ Used Quilts To Their Male Admirers

When a graduate student posted a used blanket of her own online for sale and it sold for a small fortune within minutes, it gave fellow student Long Yi a brilliant idea. He spent his savings on dozens of old quilts belonging to female students who are graduating from Qinghua University, China, where Long is a junior. He posted all the quilts online and sold most of them in one day and raked in 10,000 yuan ($1,600). Demand is so high that he has set up a stall on campus to complement his online sales. He now has two operations running, and says the demand for used blankets and quilts is very high. He has ads up in major cities asking for girls to either donate or sell him their used bedding, which he, in turn, sells to male students who want a souvenir of a female student to cuddle with.


#3 Twins Who ‘Sleep’ With Plush Toys And Sell Them On Instagram For $333

Allie and Lexie Kaplan, 22, of Las Angeles are working with ‘The Most Famous Artist” Matty Mo, who rose to fame after making $50,000 in one weekend by selling cash on Instagram. The identical twins, who look like a healthier version of the Olsen Twins, “sleep” with the toys developed by Mighty Mo and then post images of themselves in suggestive poses online for prospective buyers to view. The toys come in a variety of styles including Batman, The Hulk, Pikachu, Yoda, Chewbacca, and Darth Vader. “Each ‘Boy Toy’ is signed on the tag and includes a Certificate of Authenticity sealed with kisses and a framed picture of us…and yes they smell like us,” the twins wrote. The ‘boy toys’ are so popular that the twins have run out of inventory twice already.