Woman’s Complaint About A Worm In Her Lettuce Escalated To A New Level Of Funny

Stress, anger, yelling and tears. This is the range of emotions possible when dealing with most customer service reps, some of whom aren’t even humans, but cold-hearted robots intent on ruining your entire life.

There are a few cases however, when customer service actually get things right. On these rare occasions, everyone is so surprised that it becomes an international news story in its own right. Take Ross, who works for British supermarket Sainsbury’s, for example. His response to customer Leila Jayne Daly’s complaint about a worm in her lettuce has been going viral for all the right reasons.


The hilarious comments thread started when Leila took to Facebook to complain about a wormy lettuce, which caused her to eat a burger and meant she “instantly gained 12 stone.”


Ross’ response started a comment thread which was liked by tens of thousands of people, and even started a mini Ross-loving fan club intent on seeing a selfie of the man behind the magic. Head over to the next page to read the entire thread in full.