When She Found Out Her Husband Had A Sidechick This Raging Wife Sent Her The Most Brutal ‘Thank You’ Letter Ever

One of the worst things you can find out about your romantic partner is that they are having an affair behind your back. Cheating does a lot of damage, it causes:
Low self-esteem.
Trust issues.
It really is one of the worst things you can do to someone that loves and cares for you, and not only that has put their trust into you.

That’s why people have such heated reactions to finding out that they were cheated on, it is devastating. People get violent, crazy, vengeful, and the list goes on. One lady wrote an epic open letter on Facebook when she found out her husband was cheating on her.
Melanie started off her open letter by thanking her husband’s mistress for basically saving her and her kids from her low-life husband.

She then breaks down the rules that the mistress will have to follow if she wants to keep her husband who she labels as a ‘prize.’ And first things first, his money is HERS!