Whatever Happened To Steven Seagal?

The savviest movie stars give the people what they want. And in the late ’80s, the people wanted action movies in which drug dealers and international criminals got kicked and punched and shot at by a sort-of-mystical, stone-faced martial arts expert with a ponytail—in other words, Steven Seagal. He ruled the box office for years with huge hits like Hard to Kill, Above the Law, and Under Siege, but tastes change, and eventually, Seagal faded from movie star prominence. Here’s a look at what he’s been up to since receding from the spotlight.
He still makes movies. Lots of movies
Seagal’s contract with Warner Bros. ended with the release of the environmentally-themed thriller Fire Down Below in 1997. He still makes action movies, and he still puts them out at a rapid clip. Since 1998, however, most (but not all) have gone directly to DVD and/or streaming services. Among those projects: The Patriot, Exit Wounds, Half Past Dead, Out for a Kill, Into the Sun, Submerged, Black Dawn, Attack Force, Urban Justice, Kill Switch, Code of Honor, and Driven to Kill. In all, Seagal has churned out more than 30 movies in less than 20 years.