What Your Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

The one  who believes in fortune this is for them and those who don’t just have a look,this may interest you.Palmistry is way old tradition of reading fortune of the people in a very convincing way.

The realm of Fire

These types of hands are characterized by large palm and short fingers.The shorter the finger the more stubborn personality he or she is.

They have the quality of leaders always in them and are passionate about whatever they do.They have a sorted mind as well as a good team leader.They also are great entertainers and good at sports.

The realm of Earth

The earth hands are described by their square palms and short fingers.They are very responsible and caring type of people.They always want security and their life to be stable at all aspects.They are calm headed and peace makers until and unless over barged at certain times.Well these type of hands usually like practical work like landscaping,wood carvings etc.

The realm of Air

Air hands are described by having rectangular palms with almost equal sized fingers. These hands are intellectually smart and good at communication.They are commonly found to have over thinking traits.They have their own special place separate from the world.They are usually in the profession of writing or teaching.


The realm of Water

The water hands are described by narrow and oblong palm with combined long fingers.This type of hand are imaginative and very flexible.They are also very sensitive and romantic.They are more of interested in music and mystery.These hands are in the profession where they need to take care of others like charity.

The Video

This video depicts the different types of hands in detail do watch.