What Makes You Angry According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have different things that tick us off and make us angry. It’s how we deal with our aggravation that sets us all apart. Some people get all hot and bothered really quickly and their response is almost immediate. Opposite of them are the people who stew for awhile and keep their feelings inside, before finally exploding with rage. Either way, when you feel angry, you know it because your mood changes from relaxed and calm one minute to livid and intense the next.

If you want to know how you or someone you love handles their fiery emotions, look no further than the zodiac signs. Astrology offers a unique approach to the topic and can shine a light on our weaknesses. In effect, those can be further examined to see how we react to negative feelings and in the process they reveal how we handle anger. By knowing how the zodiac affects a certain sign, in terms of how those who fall under it act when their tempers flare up, you can instantly know a little more about either yourself, or anyone else who you may or may not want to incite! Below are the ways in which each zodiac sign handles feelings of anger: