‘What Just Happened?’: Girl’s Attempt To Eat Corn On The Cob Off A Drill Goes Horribly Wrong

WHATEVER you do, do NOT try this at home!

#1 The girl starts off my demonstrating the drill with the corn on the cob fitted onto it

In what must be one of the most excruciating videos to watch on the internet, one girl learns the hard way why you should never attempt to eat off a rotating drill.

The girl, whose name is unknown, is first seen smiling and holding the drill on which they have fitted a corn on the cob.

The video, which is going viral on Facebook, then cuts to her holding her mouth open with long dark hair worn loose around her face waiting for the drill to be switched on.


#2 The drill rotates so quickly that pieces of sweetcorn go flying everywhere

When it is, she attempts to eat the sweetcorn off the rotating mechanism as it whirls around.

The drill turns so quickly that pieces of sweetcorn fly off at it comes into contact with her teeth.

Within a few seconds, however, the experiment turns nasty as the girl’s hair becomes ensnared around the drill.

The girl tries to push the drill off but it is already too late.


#3 Within seconds, the girl’s hair gets caught in the mechanism

Before the person operating the drill can do much about it, a huge chunk of long dark locks has been ripped out of the girl’s head.

What is almost even more shocking is that the girl doesn’t scream or react in any way at all.

Her expression remains fairly neutral as she repeatedly covers the exposed scalp with the palm of her hand and then leans in toward the camera to inspect it.

Just when it seems as if the pain and the reality of the situation are starting to sink in, the video finishes.