This Is What The Walking Dead Cast Looked Like As Kids

There’s a reason the main character in The Walking Dead has the surname Grimes. Half the time we see any of the show’s survivors onscreen, they’re covered in post-apocalyptic filth and zombie sludge. So when their real-life counterparts get clean gussied up and hit the red carpet, they’re especially stunning. They’re even more unrecognizable in these adorable throwback pictures from their youth.
#1 Andrew Lincoln – Rick Grimes
Then: Andrew Lincoln is from London and showed an interest in acting in his early teens. He chose his stage name after studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and landed his first real gig on a U.K. sitcom. It would be almost 10 long years before he landed his then most widely seen role as the lovesick, sign-holding Mark in Love, Actually.

Now: Since becoming Rick Grimes for The Walking Dead, Lincoln has been a one-show pony declining numerous other roles to focus on his breadwinner. He also puts a lot of effort into his most important role of all: father. He told The Guardian, “My parents saw their job of parenting as their most important role in life and I aim to aspire to that.”


#2 Chandler Riggs – Carl Grimes
Then: Chandler Riggs was just seven when he first picked up a gun and learned how to kick walker butt. Yep, the reason he’s such a natural is that it’s a been there-done that situation for him, after starring in the short film Jesus H. Zombie. The Walking Dead set was also a homecoming for him, as he’s a native of Atlanta, Georgia, where the show is filmed.

Now: Riggs starred in 2014’s thriller Mercy, based on the Stephen King short story Gramma, and kept his horror streak going with the home invasion flick Keep Watching.