$16,988.62 Utility Bill Sent This Retired Teacher To The ER

The stress raised her blood pressure to 230 over 152 due to the anxiety.

Velma Matthews tore open her DWP bill in July and saw a staggering figure: $12,836.61.
Rattled, stressed, and wondering just what the hell was going on, Matthews called the DWP and was given the runaround. She was especially perplexed because, being a resident of California, she did what any good sunshine state citizen would during a drought: she shut off all her faucets and used water sparingly.


“My front yard is dead, my back yard is dead, my trees are dying and I’m just one person living here with my dog.” Matthews, in an interview with LA Times.
The DWP said that they were going to “look into it” but Matthews never got a response from them.

Then, in September, she received another exorbitant bill. This time it was for $16,988.62. It sent her to the emergency room.