Unsolved Mysteries That Will Make You Feel Weird

There are strange things that happen all the time, and many are unexplainable. But these weird mysteries remain unsolved and will give you the creeps.

#1 The Kentucky Meat Shower

March 3, 1876, in the state of Kentucky it rained fresh meat from the sky for over four minutes. Reports say that the locals said the meat tasted like lamb or deer. However, researchers say the meat was that of lungs from a small horse or human infant. The biggest mystery is, why did the people eat the mystery sky meat to begin with? The case has never been solved and there are no other cases such as this recorded.



#2 The Exploding Head

Exploding head syndrome is a condition where a person experiences an unpleasant exploding sensation in their brain. The explosion sensation is usually accompanied by a visual static. It is most likely caused by stress but some people believe the condition is a link from the human brain to another universe or dimension. The actual cause remains unknown.



#3 The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, nine hikers went missing on Siberias “Mountain Of The Dead”. Their tent was found ripped from the inside, while their bodies were found partially naked in the snow. None of the dead had external bruises or scars but three bodies had internal injuries so bad that the coroners believed they had been hit by a truck. Oddly, their bodies all tested positive for very high levels of radiation. One hiker was completely missing her tongue.