Uber Drivers Share The Deepest, Darkest Secrets They’ve Ever Overheard In Their Cars

Your Driver Has Arrived

The world of transportation has been forever changed since Uber and other similar car services have made your own personal black car a click away.

Though this dawn of a new driving age continues to have its repercussions on other forms of transportation such as taxis, leading to strikes, protests, and violence in cities across the world, if you’ve used Uber or another ride sharing app before you know how convenient it is to summon a car where and when you need it, often for comparable or cheaper prices than a standard car or livery service.

Do you use Uber? Even with standard taxis, it’s incredible to take a step back and think that we get into these vehicles driven by perfect strangers and allow them to take us between our home and other destinations, while we chat on the phone or with friends in the back seat about our lives’ most intimate details.

And guess what? The Uber drivers are listening.
Watch Out for “Crazy” People
I could go on for days with these, but this one takes the cake. It’s not a secret, but just one of many insane experiences…

So I picked up a guy in a suit at around 6pm on Tuesday near Venice, CA. He told me to take him downtown and per usual I asked if he had a preferred route and he said, “No whatever is quickest”. We get going and the usual banter begins. “So how long have you been driving for Uber?”…Me: “1 year or so, it’s a great job”…He says, “Oh cool, where do you stay at?”…I answer, “In the valley” and he says, “Oh nice, nice… So, how long have you been driving for Uber?” I paused and kind of half smiled, thinking he was fucking with me. He wasn’t. So I answered verbatim, “1 year or so it’s a great job.” He goes, “Oh cool, where do you stay at?”….

This repeated 3 more times before I finally answered it differently, saying “I just started, it’s not for me.” And him again replying, “Oh cool, where do you stay at?” I answered one last time the original way, but then finally, silence. By this point I was on the 10 highway, stuck in rush-hour traffic. I look in my rear view and he is rubbing his head and hair profusely, like someone going through withdrawals. He took his suit jacket off and looked severely uncomfortable. I dialed 911 on my phone in case shit went down. He then out of nowhere yells in a deeper voice than earlier, “F**K!!!!!” and I said “Umm sir is everything alright?” and he goes, “WHERE ARE WE!”… I said, “Ummm on the 10 headed downtown, is that still okay?” He goes, “Yes.” At this point by the graces of the Universe, we ended up moving pretty quickly through traffic. Then, right before we exit off the 10, two miles or so from his apartment, he yelled again “WHERE ARE WE!?”.. I said, “Sir, we’re almost to your house, is that still okay? And he goes, “Yes that’s fine.”

Once we arrive, I pull up to drop him off and he gathers his stuff, opens the door and looks back in at me before walking away and in the most genuine, kind way, says, “Have a great night! Watch out for crazy people!”

Honestly one of the strangest, creepiest events ever. Subsequently, I bought a stun gun/taser and luckily so, as this was just the beginning of several crazy incidents. So damn glad I don’t drive anymore. (WachutuWarrior)