16 Reality TV Stars Whose Lives Shockingly Hit Rock Bottom

While some reality stars can bow out of the spotlight gracefully, for others it is really not that easy. In fact, as you’re going to learn, some of them just implode. Below we cover some of the biggest reality shows of all time. Big Brother, and Survivor appear multiple times but they are far from the only shows to have stars hit rock bottom.
There are various reasons why these 16 stars earned their spot on the list. One person kidnapped and beat a woman, another couple got duped into filming a fake reality show (seriously), and one former Survivor winner was deemed by Dr.Phil to be the closest person to death he had ever talked to. We even have a Big Brother winner who, along with another housemate, used his money to fund a drug ring. Love beautiful women? There is also an America’s Next Top Model finalist who posed for a mug shot that’ll last her over a decade. Farrah Abraham also has a sex tape titled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, so how do you not take that into consideration?
Some of these people turned their lives around, some won’t be reading this because they’re still in jail, and one person won’t be reading this because he’s passed away.
Love reality television? Love reading about celebrities hitting rock bottom? Look no further, as these are perhaps the biggest 16 examples in the history of the genre.