Flab To Fab: 12 Shocking Celebrity Transformations

12) Jordin Sparks
It took her almost 6 months, but Sparks managed to lose 50 pounds by finding exercises that she enjoyed.

She said that eating healthier meals, making smarter choices while eating out, and finding activities that didn’t feel like exercising helped her transform her body. Now she’s rocking new fashion and a new look for her upcoming album!


11) Josh Peck
Yes, that loveable dork from Nick’s Drake & Josh shed his baby weight and turned into a hunk!

It got to the point where Josh had to make a decision regarding his weight. Opting NOT to get surgery, Peck got himself a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help with his daily routine. Starting with cardio, he watched his calorie intake and then upped his workouts to help him complete his new look.


10) Miranda Lambert
Country Music star Miranda Lambert lost 45 pounds since 2012!

Unlike a lot of men and women in relationships, Lambert actually lost weight while she was married. “When you have to walk out there in front of thousands of people, it feels good to know that you’re [expletive] is not jiggling.

Well it’s not jiggling today, Lambert looks as slimmed down and sexy as ever.