This Man Posted Video Of ‘Haunted’ Hotel Room Online And People Don’t Know What To Think

Do you love watching and hearing about paranormal happenings? We normally derive a strange pleasure in getting scared. Many people enjoy going to haunted houses and watching scary movies as they trust that whatever they are watching is not real and hence that seems to be fun.

But, what happened with this man in the hotel room will surely give you goosebumps.

A Paranormal Activity in Hotel Room

Frank Ramirez from Corpus Christi, Texas was shocked to observe a paranormal activity happening inside his motel room in Harlingen, Texas. He observed the objects in his room shifting and moving a little and hence he decided to record the strange occurrence.

He was lying on his bed watching CNN when suddenly the phone fell off its cradle and he had no idea how that happened.


He Turned on His Phone

Ramirez described in the video that the same thing happened a couple of times which prompted him to record the incident. Frank walked around the room describing the incidents happening which stunned him. The footage shows the phone flung from its hook, a clothes hanger thrown on the ground and a towel on the other side of the room swept by itself onto the floor.


Ramirez Screamed At the Ghost

Frank was terrorized by the presence of what he called “spirit” in his room and he repeatedly asked for the ghost’s name while opening the door for the invisible entity, asking it to leave.

When he called out several times and received no response, Ramirez believed that it had left the room and he finally shared the video over the social media.


The Social Media Response

The video shared over the social media has been viewed by 9.7 million users and some of them accused Ramirez of using a fishing wire for making the things move.

Another user decided to book the same room after watching the video and that ghost proved the skeptics wrong. The room was really haunting with television turning on, towel moving and even toilet getting flushed.


The Viral Video

Watch the video Ramirez shared which had over 110,000 shares over the Facebook and tell us whether you think the ghost is real.