This Couple Have Been Living Inside SEWER For 22 Years, But Wait Until You See Their ‘Home’

There are two types of people in this world. One who has the habit of cribbing about everything and second, who settle down peacefully with whatever they have been provided with. This story, of a Columbian couple, who lives in a sewer without any worldly comforts falls in the latter.


“Home Sweet Home” is a term we use because we find the required comforts inside our houses. But for this couple, it was like “Home Sewer Home”.

Both Were Drug Addicts

Maria Garcia and her husband Miguel Restrepo were both drug addicts 22 years ago and met each other on the streets of Medellin, Colombia.


They were soon on the path of giving up their addiction. So they derived strength from each other and found shelter in a sewer which they converted into a home.


The Sewer is Their Home

Since 22 years, they have been staying in the same place where they found their shelter together.

It was an abandoned sewer, with an area of 65 square feet with a height of 4.5 feet and it was not large enough to walk upright inside.


Furnishing Inside Cozy Sewer Home

Though they stay at an unusual place they have managed to furnish it with basic necessities. A Cupboard, a stove, a bed and a television to entertain them are what all they own.


Since the climate is hot there is a fan as well to cool them.

But they don’t have a shower inside so, they use buckets of water to maintain good hygiene. When it rains the couple uses plastic sheets as covering.


They Had to Live on Charity

Miguel had to leave his job due to a lung disease and now the couple lives on charity from neighbors. Sometimes he earns a little money by helping to park cars on the street.


The situation is not same always and at times they have to sleep without food.


Even in such harsh conditions, Miguel manages to find happiness with whatever he has. They created a small garden near the sewer and own a Christmas tree which they decorate.


The Couple is Satisfied

They look not very comfortable in their place but have accepted the situation.If you want to see how their home looks like, watch the video and share your feelings in the comments.