This Woman Got Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend With A Pregnancy Hoax That Went Viral On Twitter

Twitter was all up in arms this past Tuesday when everyone was royally fooled by this insane baby mama drama story.


Twitter got a little extra messy on Tuesday due to the baby mama drama of the century.

Buckle up, fam, because this one involves infidelity, a hoax ultrasound/pregnancy, and a dude on Twitter losing “the only woman that ever had my back.”

It began with 18-year-old Shantasia Phillips tweeting a photo of this ultrasound to 25-year-old Kyle Harris and saying he blocked her number.




Shantasia Phillips, 18, tweeted an ultrasound to Kyle Harris, 25, who’s behind the popular Twitter account @kylegotjokes.

She claimed that he had blocked her number…and that she was pregnant with his baby.

Harris refuted her claims, saying they’d used a condom. Phillips denied that.

More specifically, she claimed that “everybody know you go in raw cheap ass.”



Then, Harris attempted to deny fatherhood with a screenshot of their texts, and suggested his friend was the one who had impregnated her. Oh yeah, and apparently KYLE HAD A GIRLFRIEND.


Harris told BuzzFeed News that Phillips — who he referred to as “one of [his] side chicks” — “used to mess with my friend, and then she started messing with me.”

“So I told her, how can you put the baby on me when you used to mess with him?” he said. “If she’s pregnant, it’s his.”