This Man’s Wife Hasn’t Aged A Day In Two Decades, Nobody Belives It.

Everyone shows signs of aging differently. Some people manage to look 18 forever, while others seem to age 20 years overnight! This woman can definitely count herself as part of the former category, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!

It all started with this couple posted a picture from 20 years ago. It shows the young couple as they were on their junior prom.
Some people don’t seem to age.
For instance, Pharrell Williams. Take a look at this photo of Pharrell from 2002.


And compare it to this pic from 2016.
Here’s the kicker: he’s now 43 years old. Yeah, he’s making everyone else look bad.


Elijah Wood is another great example.
The man who gave us Frodo (or, uh, Frodo’s onscreen likeness) looked pretty youthful in 2001.

Add a little stubble, and you’ve basically got the same Hobbit.
This is Wood in 2016.


Of course, men aren’t the only ones lucky enough to avoid aging.
Take Jennifer Lopez, who rose to fame in the ’90s. This is J-Lo in 1999.


Here she is in 2016.
Yeah, that’s pretty amazing. But it doesn’t compare to this next one.

This lady isn’t even famous.
Her husband posted their prom pic on the internet. The picture was taken in 1998.


Nearly two decades later, and she’s still rocking.
And then followed that up with this picture of them in 2015, striking a similar pose! Besides a slight change to her hair, she hasn’t aged at all! That just goes to show you: good genetics are awesome!


Since being posted, the pictures have captured the fascination of the internet.
People can’t believe how a couple could still look as youthful as they did in high school–especially two decades later! Everyone’s trying to figure out how this woman got her hands on the Fountain of Youth!

No word yet on what their beauty routines are, but it’s probably some kind of combination of genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

Some people think that the aging process is something we can’t control, but the video below explains how it’s slightly more complicated than that.
Diet, exercise, stress, and staying away from harmful substances such as cigarettes, all play a big role in how you age. However, biology plays a huge role as well!

Our bodies have a biological clock as part of our genetic makeup, and while this factors listed above can affect the damage and repair rate of our cells, you can’t escape biology. As cells ide less and less over time, we see the signs of aging. However, that’s not totally a bad thing–it’s good that there’s a limit on the replication of our cells, as it prevents cancer, which is really just the uncontrollable growth of cells.

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