This Is How You Can Turn Yourself Into A Zombie

A few year back vampires used to be in fashion but now zombies are leading. They are touching the height of popularity in shows like The Walking Dead and movies like The Walking Dead.

If you too are a fan of zombie makeup, we are going to tell you the steps to get that zombie look and that too by your own.

Eyes and hair change.
She wore just white zombie contact lens and put lots of conditioner in her hair which made her hair more shiny and greasy.

Now, it’s time to put appliances.


This is how appliances should be prepared.
Firstly, the paper should be removed from the appliances and it should place over the area so the rough size can be seen. If you want to apply it on yourself and want to show face bite or neck bite color it before applying or sticking on your face

Then apply the appliance on latex.

Apply latex then.


Smooth down the edges then.

Use Blender now.
Take a baby bud and dip it in the blender and then gently apply it on the edges of the appliance which will blend them into the skin nearby it. If you heat up the blender by putting the bottle in a cup of hot water it will work better. At this point even the edges may go white. For few minutes leave it to dry and it will get clear then.


Seal it now.

Now finally, paint the appliance.
Inside of the bite should be painted red and to give it depth add a little black. Then a bit of latex should be added over the painted area to seal it again. And, finally sprinkle a little baby powder if you want to get rid of the shine dust over it.