They Don’t Want You To Know That These Products Have Secret Features. When You See Them? Damn!

They say that the customer’s perception is your reality. Although, as customers, we are not very well-informed on the products that we purchase. Our knowledge of them is very superficial.

So, with this article, we have brought to you some secret features of few products which you would never have guessed.

Aluminum Foil Boxes

To have an aluminium foil in place use the tiny tabs on the sides which come on boxes,  and effortless detach the desired amount of paper for use.

Aluminum Foil Boxes



Cosmetics Warning Signs

The tiny round container markings on your cosmetics which contain numbers like 12M, 6M, 8M are all expiry dates. It implies that the products are not to be used after that period.

Warning Sign on Your Hand Cream


Heinz Ketchup Bottle

Ever noticed the number 57 on a Heinz ketchup bottle?  The number indicates the spot to be pressed to squeeze the ketchup out the bottle successfully.


Have You Ever Wondered About Those Numbers on the Heinz Bottle?


iPhone  Microphone

The tiny hole present near the camera in your iPhone acts a microphone to provide high-quality recording while making a video.

The Little Hole Near the Camera on Your iPhone


Lollipop Stick

The hole in your lollipop stick is to basically hold the candy in place and prevent it from slipping. The hole also turns the stick into a whistle.

That Hole at the Tip of Your Lollipop Stick


Soda Cap

The rings in the soda cap basically help in containing the fizz and have the bottles completely sealed.

I Hate Those Rings on My Soda Cap


X-Acto Knives Safety Measure

The knives bottom blade is blunt as it helps us to change the blade without hurting ourselves.

Safety Characteristics of X-Acto Knives


Stapler Part

There is a secret part at the bottom of a stapler. It contains a rotating metal plate whose purpose is to bend the staples when use.

A Secret Stapler Part


The Two Lines On The Headphone

These lines ensure the sound quality is not compromised on both the sides on the headphone.

Your Headphone Usually Has Two Lines. And Here


Holes On The Handles Of A Pan

The holes serve as a place to put your serving spoons in. This will avoid a lot of mess as well.

The Handles of Pans Often Have Holes, but Here