The Cast Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Looks Completely Different In Real Life Versus On The Show

Have you ever been so hooked on to a television series, that you start believing the cast in the show are as they appear to be? And then one day when you watch them in another series, event or red carpet you are thunderstruck by their complete change in appearance.

Well then, let us treat you with another mind blogging real life pictures of the cast from the series “Orange is the new black”.

Adrienne C. Moore aka Black Cindy

Check out the difference when Adrienne switches from those Black Cindy’s natural twin puffs and goes for braid style, this change definitely adds up her beauty. And makeup is top notch too.


Olivia Luccardi Aka Jennifer Digori

Not just the looks but this picture shows us a completely different side of her personality as well.



Vicky Jeudy AKA Janae Watson

Unlike her onscreen character, Vicky seems more vibrant and stylish. Follow her on Instagram to catch up more on the trends this beauty follows.



Uzo Aduba aka Suzanne Warren (Crazy Eyes)

The silky straightened hairstyle is all that is required to add to that charm offscreen.



Taryn Manning aka Pennsatucky

Offscreen you can catch this beauty experimenting with various hair colors ranging from blonde to pink.



Rosal Colon aka Ouija

She literally glows offscreen. Looks completely different than Ouija.



Kelly Karbacz AKA Kasey Sankey

She looks so beautiful and feminine in her real life pictures. Though her onscreen character shares a similar name as her.


Julie Lake AKA Angie Rice

Unlike her onscreen personality, Julie here looks so fresh, hygienic and approachable.


Jolene Purdy AKA Stephanie Hapakuka

Offscreen you can really notice those beautiful eyes she has. And those beach waves add up to her Oomph quotient.



Danielle Brooks AKA Taystee

Brooks looks completely glamorous in comparison to her on-screen character.



Asia Kate Dillon AKA Brandy Epps

Asia looks more vulnerable and pretty in her real life though there is no much difference in the hairstyle department.



Daniella De Jesus AKA Cabrera

Daniella looks more feminine in real life and significantly more charming than her onscreen persona.



Francesca Curran AKA Skin Head Helen

Off screen, this beauty stuns us with her long hair and makeup.