The 12 Grossest Things People Have Found In Fast Food


In today’s society, we seek options that save both time and money, which is convenient to our daily schedules. Eating from fast food restaurants offer the quickest and cheapest solutions for a meal on the go. Gone are the days when a home cooked meal would be served on the table to feed a family. Instead, cheeseburgers and fries, both high in sodium and fats, are consumed on the go.

While doctors worry that these fast food options are filled with non nutritious ingredients that lead to health risks, it appears that the non-edible objects that are often discovered in the meals offer more of a concern. From drugs to furry four legged creatures, the truth behind what ultimately ends up in our purchases from fast food joints is extremely disturbing. Whether it occurs by accident or premeditated behavior, the horrible discoveries many unsuspecting customers receive upon taking a bite is just plain nasty.

If you’re looking for a diet plan that restricts you from being tempted to indulge in your favorite fast food restaurants, then I strongly suggest you take a mental note of these foreign objects that are found in meals. After reviewing this list, a mental picture of these nauseating findings will have you speeding right past the notorious fast food joints. I would also advise you to prepare your gag reflexes for the worst as you read about the 15 grossest things people have allegedly found in fast food. Bon appetit!



Sharp Plastic

Dessert is hands down always the best part of the meal. But for an Oklahoma City mother and her children, it led to the worst discovery. After taking a bite into her chocolate chip cookie from McDonald’s, the mother realized she was biting into more than just sugary sweet chips. Razor-sharp pieces of plastic were baked into the cookies and cut her tongue well enough to draw blood. Concerned for her children, she had them checked by a doctor and luckily they were unharmed. Following the medical checkup, the mother reached out to the McDonald’s in which they bought their meals from and learned that the same McDonald’s location had previously found similar shards throughout the batch. Despite her unethical findings, the woman admitted that she only wanted an apology from the corporation, rather than filing a lawsuit. It turns out that raw dough isn’t the most unsafe part of a cookie…