Surprising Things Most People Don’t Know About Beauty and the Beast.


2/32 While Gaston is falling from the tower the close-up of his face reveals tiny skulls flashing in his eyes. Though edited out for the VHS release, Disney claims that the skulls confirmed Gaston’s fate at the end of the movie incase the audience wasn’t sure if he survived the fall.


3/32 For the song “Be Our Guest”, composer Alan Menken created placeholder melodies so Howard Ashman could get started on writing lyrics. Menken and Ashmen loved the temporary melodies so much that they became the final version of the song.


4/32 The role of Cogsworth was written with specifically John Cleese in mind but he turned it down for An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

5/32 The prologue states that the rose will bloom until the prince turns twenty-one. In “Be Our Guest” Lumiere sings, “Ten years we’ve been rusting…” meaning the castle was enchanted when the prince was 11 years old.


6/32 The stained glass window seen at the end of the movie was recreated in Disneyland after the film’s release.


7/32 Angela Lansbury thought another character would be better suited to sing the film’s love song, “Beauty and the Beast”, but directors Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise convinced her to make one recording in case they couldn’t find anyone better. As it turns out, that version ended up in the film.