If You Dug a Hole Straight Down to Other Side of the Earth, Where Will You Popup This Tool Will Tell You

Being in a high school, every Physics student has imagined if a hole is made right through the Earth it will reach the other side. Isn’t it? Britishers think that by digging a tunnel from their place they would end up in Australia, while Americans believe in ending up in China.

But have you ever wondered if there is something relevant to these claims? Today, with this post we will show a fascinating map that will reveal all the reality and details of the other side of the earth.

A fascinating Truth

Did you know that if a tunnel is dug right through the Earth and someone jumps in it, what will happen and where they will end up? According to a research, it will take around 42 minutes and 12 seconds to reach the other side of the Earth through that tunnel.


The Antipodes Map

There is one interactive map called “The Antipodes Map” which will help you to check any location on the surface of the planet and you can even get to know about the exact point just opposite to it.

The image below shows some of the places and their antipodes according to the map.


China to Argentina

According to this map, if someone digs a tunnel through 12,472 km of Earth’s crust from China, it would end up in the Rio Negro, Bahia Blanca in Argentina. Likewise, Auckland would end up in New Zealand and Seville and Malaga in Spain.


Largest Antipodal Area

Researchers have concluded that ‘The majority of locations on land do not have land-based antipodes.’ The two largest inhabited Antipodal areas are located in China and Mongolia of East Asia, and Argentina and Chile of South America. The other regions of the country would end up in Oceans because 71% of our Earth is water.


Other Important Antipodes

If a person digs from Times Square in New York, he would arrive at the ocean coast of Australia. A hole dug under the House of Parliament would end up off the coast of New Zealand. Japanese digging in Tokyo would reach the coast of Uruguay. However, Russians digging from Moscow would find themselves in the Pacific Ocean.


I know this fascinating map has raised a question in your mind as if you dig a tunnel from your location what will be the opposite point to that?