Stories Of The Biggest Scandals At These People’s Schools!

#1 S1x In The Bathroom?
Life must have sure taken a sullen turn for these two to have found intimacy in the handicap stall of the boys bathroom!

But then again, lust is a crazy bug!


#2 Shady Shooting Day!
What would happen if you were ever embroiled in a shooting? Worse at SCHOOL?

These kids decided to take it easy and smoke pot instead!

#3 N a s t y,P u n y Teenage!
Everyone has their mischievous phases and most of us have it in school. But what these kids did was beyond sanity!

From stealing to making people cry and pantsing – they seem to have had the weirdest upbringing!


#4 Not That Regular Slut Shaming!
All schools have that one couple that cracks it, that one that has the most public fights and embarrassing scenes, and the one ideal couple that falls apart!

This school had a rather weird one!


#5 Ain’t No Chemistry When The Lights Shut!
Hilarious! They should have told us in school – What happens in Chemistry Class, stays in Chemistry Class!

This classic incident reminds us perfectly why intimacy is best in privacy!


#6 Such Gay-ssip, Much Wow!
Why the LGBTQI community attracts so much flak is beyond us. Let alone adults, kids these days too seem to draw in on the prejudice from around!

What happened to this gay boy is shocking!


#7 Test The Tube!
Remember the scene from Gone Girl? Yes. That’s exactly how we pictured this too!

Being horny makes you do weird things, but breaking glass inside someone is the weirdest one we have heard so far. Or have we?


#8 The Escapade!
Principals often face dilemmas in life. But this one here seems to have the funniest one!

Not only did the man steal from his students, but also went away with all of it on a romantic escapade to Disneyland! Hilarious!

#9 How High Can You Get?
We’ve all had that one notorious trickster in school who gets away without any punishment. But this bunch of kids seem to have mastered it to a whole new level!


#10 The Water Balloon Fight!
Fights are too common. But what is not common is a Water Balloon fight in school!

This particular fight got so intense that it not only resulted in suspension of senior kids, but also banned graduation walks and senior pranks for 9 years after the scene!


#11 Some Teacher Stuff!
We’ve all had that scandalous teacher that every female teacher stays clear from and all male teachers ogle at!

This teacher however, took it one notch higher. Way too high!


#12 So Much For Blogging!
Who doesn’t love the internet? Especially spaces that let us rant, be completely honest without an iota of judgement?

This kid was no different. But the authorities intervened and took it to a whole new level!


#13 Officially The Weirdest Thing We’ve Heard So Far!
School days are for being immature and throwing sanity out of the window.But not to this extent, we are sure!

Defecating in public is not only disgusting but also unhygienic. This kid decided to go all the way for a bet. Not for LIFE, Not for Food. For a silly, worthless BET!