Father–Son Duos Reveal A Story They Would Never Tell Mom.

There’s something special about the connection between a father and his son. But sometimes the combination of these two parties can get themselves into a bit of trouble. These people share stories that they DON’T want mom to know!


1/21. When we were kids Dad used to take us Christmas tree “shopping”…


In a forestry, late at night, with a saw and a flash light.

Thing is we, as kids, genuinely believed Dad as he told us, “I’m friends with the forester. But don’t tell your mother…”

We always spent the Christmas tree money in the pub on the way home.

Last Christmas we brought my 71 year old Dad Christmas tree shopping. We arrived home drunk at 3 in the morning! My Mom marvelled at how spectacular a tree we had “bought”.

Christmas tree thievery. The real spirit of Christmas!



2/21. So it’s a school night right? Pretty odd that my dad would be getting 10 year old me outta bed and getting me in the car on a school night. My dad refuses to tell me where were going (to the moon he says). We drive for about 45 minutes and we arrive at the nearest Barnes and Nobles. Now this is the age of dial up. I was too busy playing with bionicles/too young to care about the internet to understand why we were here. I’d always been a bookworm but was still confused.

Turns out my dad had looked up and brought me to the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, my favorite book series of the time. Not only does this hero bring me here and wait with me in line for a full hour, on the way home he pulls the car over, and FIXES THE INTERIOR LIGHTS THAT HAD BEEN BROKEN FOR MONTHS SO THAT I COULD START READING. Despite my brother’s and mothers’ problems with him, he’s my hero.