We Bet You Didn’t Know THIS About Your Smartphone!

What if we told you, you had to live a day without gadgets and mind you, this includes your smartphone as well!

Well, most of us would react violently, while some may agree to do it too. But the truth remains, without your phone, you’d always feel something was missing, especially if you are so attached to it. %image_alt%

Smartphones have changed the way we live in the 21st century and it probably has to do with its constantly changing technology. The change is so fast, that before you know it, the phone you bought just last week would be outdated and outperformed by the gadgets that launched this week!

Let’s look at stuff that you probably had no clue about, but was present on your smartphone.



For instance check this out: In newer versions of Android, there’s a menu option called “App Cloner” that allows you to duplicate the desired application with a single tap. This is most useful to people who often access one social network under different accounts. Those whose version of Android doesn’t support this feature can download a special program for cloning applications.



By default, Google will hide all the apps that enable you to download YouTube videos from its official store. But there are plenty of freely available third-party developer applications, that help you do the needful. While some already have a well-established reputation, others are new on the market. All of them work along the same principle: you either paste a link to the video or find the file via the app.



Your phone can be used to weigh small objects and all thanks to a special app that transforms your gadget into a digital scale. Simply install the app, co-relate it with a small air cushion or any object whose weight is already known and you are great to go!!!



Most of us won’t believe this, but now is when you pinch yourself to reality. Life just got simple. There is something called Multi Window mode. To use the amazing facilities of a double window on one screen, open the right app, and hold the task list key (to the right of the “Home” button). Unfortunately for many of us, not every smartphone is able to work in this mode!



This mode is needed for debugging and the removal of third-party applications that interfere with the proper operation of the phone. To enable safe mode, switch on your phone or tablet, then press the power button again and hold it. When a menu appears, press and hold the onscreen “Off“ or ”Power Off” key. When safe mode option appears, click “OK.” WOW!



Those who travel know what we are talking about: Using mobile Internet while roaming can be very expensive and definitely a situation you can dodge. But what if you’re lost and need to use an electronic map? The best solution is to download online maps to your phone and disable mobile Internet while leaving GPS switched on. Your location will still be displayed on offline maps, thanks to satellite data — without any cost to you. This also BTW saves your battery!



Recent developments enable you to use your phone as your credit card. So now, instead of carrying that much valued piece of plastic, just link your credit card to an account in the relevant system (Android Pay or Apple Pay).This will help you to pay with your phone in any of the thousands of stores that accept contact-less payments.



We bet you didn’t know you could scan stuff with your smartphone camera. To take full advantage of this feature, you’ll need to download one of the special applications that will not only recognize the document but also save it to the cloud and send a copy to the intended recipient.



There is something called Google Goggles, where you can find anything you want. This app’s distinctiveness is in the fact that, instead of typing in your search queries, you’re using your smartphone camera. This is especially convenient when making searches related to foods, household goods, images, and barcodes etc.




There is something called as the One-Touch-Go (OTG) function, thanks to which any modern smartphone can be linked to a peripheral device, including another smartphone. The process requires fitting one phone with a USB adapter and the second phone with a micro-USB cable. After the phones identify the cable and the adapter, you can safely connect them together. WOW!

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