Girl Fell Asleep In The Library, So The Internet Took Her On A Dreamy Photoshop Adventure.

Living in the world we live in today, you have to be careful. Trolls are growing all over the world and they’ll take every opportunity they get to make fun of a situation. This means taking naps in public areas is a huge no-no.

As you can see below, this poor woman was just trying to get some shut eye in the library. Unfortunately for her, someone at the library decided it would be funny to take a photo of her and post it on the Internet. Low and behold… It started a string of people photoshopping the image over and over into different scenarios.

Moral of the story: don’t fall asleep anywhere a stranger can take a photo of you. You’ll unexpectedly start a photoshop war.

Here’s the original photo.


Just a tired lady trying to get some shut eye in the library.


And then suddenly we see her dancing with the legendary King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.


Then low and behold she suddenly claims the Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones).


But being royalty can be extremely exhausting, so of course she’s gotta take some time to rest on the beach.


Did we mention she also partied during the Renaissance Era? She was the life of the party.


She was so lively that even Drake had to have her and her cool dance moves in his music video.


But don’t fool her for the typical party girl, she can get down and dirty when needed.

You don’t want to get into a fight with this girl.


Neither do you ever want to get in a dance battle with her. She’ll school you harder than you imagine.


During her spare time, she likes to take long walks at the beach in the arms of Channing Tatum.


But when she’s not with Channing on the beach, she’s hanging out with flamingos.

And she tries her best to not stand out.


She’s a huge traveler, from country to country. You might see her at your city’s airport.


When she’s not traveling, she’s contemplating life. Thinking about what she’s accomplished and what she hasn’t.


Her physical exercise of choice is Yoga. How else do you think she is so flexible?


But when she’s not doing Yoga, she’s competing in the Olympics of course.


And yes, she competes in more than one olympic sport. We don’t expect any less of her.


Her favorite way to watch sunsets is while hanging from a tree with one foot tied to a rope.

It’s a great experience, you should try it.


She also loves to rock on the guitar during her spare time. A woman of many talents, this one.


She’s so well known for her sleeping, she’s even got a pokemon named after her!


Now this explains why she claimed the Iron Throne so easily… she was born into royalty!


And as you can see, she’s been posing her flexible poses ever since she was in the womb!

She’s been destined for greatness from the start.