The Size And Shape Of Your Hand Says A Lot About You. You’ll Find Yours Here For Sure.

You and your hands know each other well. You spend a lot of the day looking at them, especially if you work at a computer all day like millions of Americans. You may have never imagined that someone would take the time to figure out how your hands may be connected to your personality but it’s been done (there’s nothing you won’t find on the internet. Nothing.). Check out this list of hand characteristics and see how your sluggers match up.

First, Measure Your Mitts

First thing is first, we have to know how big your hands are proportionate to your body. When considering hand size, professionals are less concerned with “average hand sizes” across a large population (spare people with anomalous hand sizes) and focus more on how big your hands are on you.

Stretch Out That Hand

Next thing you want to look at is the size of your palms. Once you’ve done that, you’re invited to continue down this page to see what all of this mean to you, boo.

People With Small Hands Take Immediate Action

These folks don’t beat around the bush. When something needs to be done, these guys jump on it.

Small Hands Are Rocked By The Pragmatic Among Us

Like Jewel, you have small hands so palming a basketball is probably out of the question. You can make up for it with your awesome, practical, “common sense” way of looking at the world.

Large Handed Folks Are Often Perfectionists

If you like things “just so”, check your hands while you’re rearranging your bookshelf by publishing date. Are they larger than the average Joe? If so, you know.

Large Hands Are Sensitive Peeps

Large-handed people are thought to be sensitive. Just because large handed people have large hands doesn’t mean the don’t have feels, ya’ll.

Palms Say A Lot Too, Don’cha Know

Believe it or not, the shape of your palms is important too. They tell more of a story than you know!

Just Cause Your Palms Are Square Doesn’t Mean You Are

Practicality rules for people who have square palms. These folks are great organizers!

Spock Your Rectangular Palms

If you have rectangular palms like Spock, you’re likely a quick-thinking, problem solver. No brain teaser stands a chance with you.