These Are The Side Effects Of Sleeping On Your Back, Side, And Stomach

Just as a factory worker risks injury by working in the same position all day in a factory, you risk injury by sleeping in the same position all night.

For instance, sleeping exclusively on your right side can cause pain in your right shoulder. And always sleeping on your back can trigger back pain.

“Your body likes variety,” says Andrew Bang, DC. “For example, if you doze off while you’re on your back, you can switch from one side to the other during the night.”

Alternating between your back and sides is usually more comfortable and less stressful to the spine than sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping allows us, as humans, to heal and recuperate strength so that we can perform at our best.
The way you sleep can have a profound impact on your overall health. If you’re not sleeping well, you may be underperforming in the rest of your life, too.


When not sleeping in transit, there are three main sleeping positions.
In general, humans sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides. Each position affects your health in multiple ways.


Sleeping on your back is going to promote snoring.
If you are prone to snoring, sleeping on your back is only going to make it worse for you and your partner. The nice thing about sleeping on your back, though, is that it is a very good position for getting your spine in alignment.

Sleeping on your stomach is not great for you.
When you sleep on your stomach, it puts strain on your neck and back, making it very difficult to get a good and full night’s rest.


Sleeping on your side is the best.
While on your side, you’re less likely to snore, which is great. Unfortunately, though, sleeping on your side can be bad for your spinal alignment. To remedy that, try sticking a pillow between your legs.


Getting paid to sleep is the best.
Nothing feels quite like collecting a paycheck for sleeping on the job. Just don’t let your boss catch you. Getting fired is not going to help you get healthy, restful sleep.


Watch this quick video with Dr. Janet Kennedy, talking about the power of sleep.
Have a good night’s rest and a pleasant tomorrow.