The Secrets Behind How Advertisers Make Food Look So Delicious

Advertised foods rarely look exactly like the real food they’re selling. In fact, a number of sites around the web have pointed out just how false food advertising can be. The truth is, the delicious-looking culinary concoctions we see in print ads and television commercials would be anything but appetizing if they were on your plate. Many times it wouldn’t even be fair to identify them as food. They’re more like a terrifying Frankenstein-like type of quasi-sustenance commonly made up of a partially cooked food and a carefully created combination of interesting additives. For example…

#1 In order to make toppings “float” on top of soup, stylists often use another small dish turned upside down to create a platform.

#2 Ice is pretty much never actually ice in food photography.
Instead, perfectly formed and melt-free plastic cubes like these take their place.