Scary Walmart Facts You Really Should Know

Everyday Low Prices and ‘Save Money Live Better’ are slogans used by giant superstore Walmart. Saving money is a good thing, that we can all agree on, but at what cost to others and the community are you willing to save a few cents? These facts about Walmart most people probably don’t know, and they should because this mega monster is slowly taking over our world, penny by penny.

#1 If Walmart Were A Country

It would be the twenty-sixth largest economy in the entire world, and that number is increasing yearly.


#2 Walmart Has 2.2 Million Employees

More than the entire population of the city of Houston and seven times more than the population of Iceland.


#3 Walmarts Yearly Net Sales Are Over Half A Trillion Dollars

That amount is more than Argentinas entire GDP and almost more than the GDP of Ireland, Singapore, and Austria.