River Monster: This Giant Catfish Can Even Swallow A Man And It Was Caught Using Only A Fishing Rod

Any person, especially someone who has experienced fishing, knows that it requires a lot of discipline and patience. This ancient practice dating back to 40,000 years ago started as a necessity during the hunter-gatherer society and eventually developed into a sport. Nowadays, numerous fishing competitions are being held all over the world. In Italy, two fishermen made the catch of a lifetime.

This is Po Delta, a river that runs across northern Italy, where the Ferrari Brothers caught their prize catch

A massive 280 pound wels catfish that is huge enough to swallow a whole human was caught in Po Delta, Italy by brothers Dario and Dino Ferrari.


Dubbed as “The Monster of the Po River”

Dubbed as “The Monster of the Po River” by the Italian Media, it took more than 40 minutes using artificial bait and a spinning rod before they finally hooked the giant creature.