15 Retail Workers Share The Most Ridiculous ‘Are You Serious?’ Moment Ever.


1/15. I worked at Walmart. A woman came in to return a bag of soil because “the bag was dirty”. She was dead serious.



2/15. I used to work in H&M located on 5th ave in NYC. One day I hear over our radio a frantic call for the porter to come to the ladies fitting room. Turns out a woman decided to defecate in the fitting room, and use some shirts to wipe herself.

The real are you serious moment was that she continued shopping through the store casually.


3/15. Watched a man carrying six bottles of red wine simply drop all six bottles on the ground (shattering them) and walk out of the store, khakis stained bright red like a savage business casual warlord.

My assumption was that it was an accident and he was horribly embarrassed and just left. I’d like to believe that it was an intentional piece of performance art, because it was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.