These Amazing Riddles With Hidden Messages Will Test Your Intelligence

Riddles are the best way to oil our brains and make ourselves smarter. These riddles that we are about to present to you are amazing because they are in hidden messages. Take a look…

First Riddle

So a man was killed in his house. Just before he died, he pulled out the knife from his body. He nailed it in the wall and wrote 6, 4, 9, 10, 11 with his blood.

The name of the suspects are Sophie, Jason, Nick, Julie, and Paul. Who do you think is the killer??



The killer is Jason. The numbers represent the starting alphabet of the month they appear in the Calendar. 6-June, 4-April, 9-September, 10-October, 11-November.

Second Riddle

My friend has a cat that has 3 Kittens. The name of the kittens are Mopsy, Topsy and Spot.

What is the Mothers name.



There is no question mark so it isn’t a question. It’s a statement. Mother’s name is What.


Third Riddle

Mario went out for a business trip. He asked the receptionist to send a telegram that should arrive exactly on February 23 without fail. But there was a limitation. He could only use these words to write: fiasco, nephew, carrot, rabbit, sonata, spring, tailor, bureau, corona, legacy, soften, travel, object, happen, bikini.

This is what Mario wrote. Carrot Fiasco Nephew Spring Rabbit Sonata Tailor Bureau Legacy Corona
Travel Bikini Object Happen Soften. What is the message?

Just so that you know, the message was for his son.



This message was formulated with first letter of the first word and the last of the second word throughout. The message was Congratulations.

He wanted to greet his son on his birthday.


Fourth Riddle

My Dad is a Chemist.

My Mom is a Mathematician.

They call me iron59.

What do you think is my real name?



My name is Felix. Iron — Fe (chemical symbol, 59 — LIX (Roman numerals).