Reddit Users Reveal The Website’s Darkest Moments That Will Absolutely Disgust You

According to long-term Ask Reddit users, these are the most disturbing things that ever happened in the history of the site.

A psychopath stalked her

“The /u/darylprat incident was a fucking tragedy for everyone involved.

Check out his post history for the full story but this guy was clearly very mentally ill and stalking a girl who makes videos for IGN. He made a lot of posts on /r/legaladvice and /r/relationships asking for help on how best to get in contact with her even though she had banned him on all social media platforms. He was absolutely obsessed with this girl and judging by his post history, he may have committed suicide after this whole thing.”

— Awsumsnausages

She was sexually assaulted and no one believed her

“A woman posted about her sexual assault, with a photo of her bruised face. ‘I was sexually assaulted in the early evening while wearing jeans and a t-shirt in a “safe” residential neighborhood in Toronto. This is what he did to my face. Only rapists cause rape.’

People started going through her post history to play Reddit detective and accused her of faking it. She was a makeup artist and had once made a post about rape culture… so naturally these people assumed she made up a fake assault to prove her point.

It was real, she posted a video of her wetting a cloth and wiping at the bruise, and spoke with the guy that started the witch hunt and even he was like ‘guys she’s legit.’

It was just an ugly, ugly thing all around and definitely a less-remembered dark Reddit moment.”

— loo_oh_vy


He killed himself after cheating

“The story of the poor girl who found out her mom was fucking her boyfriend (she walked in on it). She leaves and goes no contact with mom and now ex-boyfriend. He begs her to forgive him. About a week later the ex-kills himself.

That one hit me for some reason. The ex-was a prick for cheating with OP’s mom, but it’s not worth killing yourself over…” — 7HarperSeven
He had no idea why his arm was missing

“Not too long ago a guy posted that he was born without an arm. The problem was that he then found pictures of him when he was a baby and had both arms at his parent’s house, I don’t remember how did that end up.” — MadamTeller

He pretended to commit suicide

“Someone posted an AMA saying that he was terminally ill and assisted suicide had recently been legalized in his state. He said that he would die from assisted suicide within a few days. His AMA blew up as the guy told stories about his life and gave life advice to others. Redditors were quoting him for like a week.

And then someone on another website claimed that it was all fake and he did it to prove how gullible Reddit users are. He posted a screenshot of the AMA with the supposedly terminally ill’s user account logged in.

The AMA was soon deleted after that, never to be mentioned again.” — smackjack

He became a heroin addict

“There was a post about a guy wanting to try heroin ‘just once.’ If you go through his post history, you can see him go down the spirals of addiction.”

— danilll


Someone created a thread for rapists

“The ‘Ask A Rapist’ thread that made it to the front page where rapists shared their crimes and Redditors comforted them and talked about how what they did wasn’t that bad, or was completely excusable.” — themagicalrealist

She wanted to eat her own child

“A mom posted about how she’d fantasized for years about spit-roasting her son and eating him — and how she eventually planned to tell him all about this when he was of age. Because apparently, being 18 makes the idea a whole lot more reasonable?”

— unfunnypun
He overdosed on drugs

“I have spent much time on deep web markets and forums, at one point I well into the forums and also the subreddits, many unseen to anyone and invite only (all drug markets). I had no intention buying anything from Reddit but it intrigued me that there was a scene On Reddit!

After a few months, I stumbled into a Xanax selling Subreddit. They had weekly competitions and everything. I joined within the first few days it had been created after seeing it on a forum then it went private. It turned it this sub was for the large scale selling and buying of Xanax bars worldwide haha, I had stumbled into something WAY over my head… but I stuck around to see what happened there, I never had a view on that side of the world before.

In amongst the dealers were normalized people like myself although they were total warheads (addicted to Xanax … I wouldn’t touch it) and would sometimes ramble crap totally wasted.

Anyway, I digress. One week there was a competition for 10G of PURE halazepam powder. This is the ingredient that 2mg (0.0002) of goes into a Xanax bar, and this was a competition to anyone on the sub. Some guy won the bag of powder and then shit got mad. an hour later he was posting barely literate posts about how he had been ‘dabbing his finger’ in the bag and that this stuff was not Alazopram. You only need a pinprick of this shit and you are ready for bed. This dude was dabbing his fucking finger in and licking it, fucking 1/4 grams at a time maybe?! Yes, this was a seriously bad thing.

Over the next 30 mins, he posted more stuff raging about how this was not atizoram but some research drug but it was barely legible. Everyone on the post was trying to tell this guy to chill and get to bloody bed or hospital as he had majorly fucked up.

If you cannot tell yet, this dude took an insane amount of pure halazepam, a few dabs on his finger so anywhere from like 30-100 2mg bars worth of Xanax at a time.

Then it all went silent, and no one ever heard of this guy again.

He either died or got his ass to the hospital somehow (I hope!) and rethought his life.

This is just from the darker side of the drug works, and not even the mad heroin or meth world. This is just prescription drugs but a lot of it invites only, active on Reddit and dark as fuck!

I will always wonder what the hell happened to that person! I really how they did not die but shit, it’s very likely as it’s a heavy overdose of benzos.”

— iveseenshitbutnotbad

Someone posted photographs for pedophiles

“Reddit admins would like a lot of people to forget that the first time reddit got serious press, was because Anderson Cooper did a piece on how reddit was hosting a sub for jailbait pictures.

It’s good to know that reddit let pedopals go on for so long this past year, proving that they only care about things that align with their political and financial interests.”

— Jew_in_the_loo


They murdered a ‘missing person’

“I remember a post by a person claiming to be looking for a missing person and as they continued to comment it became more and more clear they may have murdered them. Don’t remember enough details to find it, though.” — Johnisfaster

His wife murdered their children

“This actually happened recently, and may not be as intense as some of the other stories, but it is pretty chilling.

A Reddit user posts, asking how to deal with his wife’s infidelity (OP had proof that she’d been sleeping with their neighbor for a while). Everyone on the thread told him to get a orce, go no contact, etc.

He posts an update saying he attempted to separate from his wife, but she then tried turning their 2 kids against him – telling them things like, ‘Mommy can’t see you guys right now because daddy is mad at her.’ He, again, asks Reddit for advice on how to deal with this. He wants a orce but is afraid that she’ll do something to harm his relationship with his children. Every commenter was encouraging him to orce anyway. Saying things like, ‘What’s the worst she can do? Your kids will understand when they’re old enough.’

Well, he posts another update thread a couple months later with a news article reporting that, shortly after filing for orce with his wife, she stabbed/killed both of their children, and stabbed herself as well. The kids didn’t make it, but she did (and the neighbor who she was having an affair with openly supported her…)

Obviously, the users who were strongly encouraging him to file for orce despite his concern about the children felt terrible. I think a good amount of them sent apology messages or donated to him. I think everyone who participated in those threads would rather just forget about it entirely.”

— marryacomputer
He talked about being a rapist

“The redditor who posted about a girl ‘falsely accusing’ him of rape, and when he explained the story, turns out he actually did rape her.” — GreedyR

She was breastfed as a teen

“That young woman who was ‘breastfed’ until 15. Apparently, the mother was not producing milk and she was being sexually assaulted. There was a lot of sadness and denial in that thread.” — WellDoYouHaveASource

A hitman used the site to make plans

“Basically this one popular user died and it got a lot of attention because he was a salty old bastard who also loved threads with very young girls. This one dude made a post as an homage to him. They knew each other from working together. That’s when the dominoes began to fall and because of this extra attention to this old dudes internet history, people realized something was fishy as hell with a website he moderated. It was basically a shell website with invisible code.

Anyways what came of it was that his website was a proxy for what was essentially a hit list that mercs used. Then, since this guy was a Reddit user, people went back to look through his history and surprise he was also part of a sub for just that r/clip. LCQP stands for ‘lake city quiet pills.’ Now that Reddit is so big and popular they are obviously aren’t around anymore. And there was a whole conspiracy theory hunt to figure out what exactly it all meant. But inevitably people lost interest because it really was a Craigslist for hitmen and no one is actually opposed to that. But when they thought it was like a kiddie sex ring it was much bigger.”

— TreeArbitor