Meet Titus, A Pit Bull So Rare That He’s The Only One Of His Breed In The World

Introducing a one-of-a-kind animal. His name is Titus. And no, he is NOT a Cheetah! Believe it or not this is a pit bull! But it’s a special breed of pit called the “Albanian Pit Bull”, and he definitely unique!

Titus started receiving attention earlier this year as his image was shared by thousands. No one knew what it was and of course many thought it wasn’t even real.

How could a pit bull have these very distinct cheetah markings?

Titus is an Albanian pit bull.


The Albanian pitbull is a very rare dog breed. Indeed, so rare that it has but a single exemplar: Titus, the canine with cheetah markings (seen below) whose image was suddenly posted all over the Internet in March 2016.

There is no such thing as an Albanian pit bull.

Dogs with the cheetah-like appearance of Titus don’t naturally exist, of course, but there are a couple of different ways of effectively creating the illusion that they do: digitally manipulating photographs of dogs to add in spots, or applying spots to dogs using non-toxic, temporary ink. The fact that this photograph shows Titus sitting on what appear’s to be a groomer’s table suggests the latter approach was taken, although some like to think it was love, rather than paint, that produced Titus:

Nor are there cheetah wiener dogs.
Titus joins a line of other rare and mythical dogs of unusual appearance, such as this Sahara dachshund:


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