Rare Genetic Condition That Turned This Woman Into A Real-Life ‘Human Barbie’

Remember Lee Hee Danae, the 15-year old Chinese girl who went through extreme plastic surgery after being dumped by her boyfriend? Hoping to win him back, she changed her entire face and some body parts to look like a living doll. Countless women have gone under the knife for no other reason but to feel good about themselves or get over a man. There’s one woman though who has no choice but to look like and become a “Human Barbie” due to a debilitating medical condition.

Meet Amber Guzman who has a crippling genetic condition that she says makes her a real life Barbie doll.


Amber Guzman, a native of California, who has a medical condition called muscular dystrophy.


The 28-year-old has muscular dystrophy that progressively weakens and wastes the muscles.