Racist Girl Taught An Unforgettable Lesson From Guys All Over The Internet

It’s always disappointing to find out there are still some ignorant idiots in this day and age, but thankfully the internet set one of them straight.

Kelsey Reynolds went viral when her racially insensitive tweeting received some hilarious responses. If you look at Reynold’s twitter, it’s just a string of incredibly racist posts. It’s almost like she’s asking for trouble.


People were already incredibly annoyed with Reynolds, but the final straw came with a picture. Posing with her booty towards the camera and shooting a smirk over her shoulder, she captioned the image: “sorry black boys, only white men can handle this.” To combat her blatant ignorance, men all over Twitter responded and it was hysterical.

Kelsey Reynolds, famous for her unbelievably racist tweets, received some amusing responses after she posted a picture that said: “sorry black boys, only white men can handle this.” It seems the black community wasn’t too upset by the news, one user commenting: “On behalf of back men everywhere we whole heartedly support your decision.” Suddenly, men of all races came together to assure Reynolds she wasn’t the hot property she thought she was.