Pros And Cons Of Your Sleeping Position For Your Health

According to a new research, the way you sleep affect your health and wellbeing. Sleep determines everything about your dreams, risk of dementia, premature ageing and much more. While we are pretty much aware about the sleeping positions of couples, its’s time to know about the common sleeping styles and their impact on our health.So, now it’s your chance to know if you are sleeping in the wrong position. The 5 common sleeping styles are on your left, on your back, on your right, on your front and foetal position. Check out the pros and cons of these sleeping styles explained by Mandy Francis.

Pros of sleeping on your left
People who suffer from heartburn feel a sigh of relief while sleeping on their left side. Dr Matthew Noble, a GP for the online medical consultancy explained, ‘Symptoms of heartburn are often worse at night. We’re not exactly sure how it works, but when people sleep on their left side, the internal organs seem to align in a way that helps to significantly reduce the amount of acid leaking out of the stomach into the oesophagus, which is what causes the pain associated with heartburn


Cons of sleeping on your left
According to a study published in the International Journal of Sleep and Hypnosis, 40.9% of people reported that sleeping on left side increase the chance of having nightmares as compared to 14.6% who sleep on their right sides.

Pros of sleeping on your back
Sleeping on your back helps in aligning your spine which in turn provides relief from back pain. Dr Goesel Anson, cosmetic surgeon, explained, ‘Because your face isn’t being pressed firmly into a pillow for six hours or more at a time, you’re less likely to get wrinkles and spots.’

Cons of sleeping on your back
Certain studies point out that sleeping on your back can double the chances of snoring and sleep disorder. There are also chances of contraction in air passage as your tongue falls to the back of the throat in supine position.