Principal sends rude note to man for taking kids on vacation, but he has the perfect response

School life has been undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences of our life. And when incidents like this happen in school, the journey becomes even more memorable.

The Confusion

In the school, kids often get confused about whether to follow the instructions given to them by their teachers or to listen to their parents. All of us have been through that. But in this incident, the parent definitely wins because of his practical approach.

Mike Rossi from Montgomery Country’s decided to take a trip with his family to Boston so that his kids and his wife Cindy could see him run the Boston Marathon. He absolutely made sure that this trip also ends up becoming an educational outing for his kids.


The Educational Part

In order to ensure the educational part, Mike took his family to the Freedom Trail, the Boston Tea Party site and other historical places in the historical city in Massachusetts. Sadly, Mike had to suffer through a tragedy of someone’s death in the family but his sheer passion ensured his participation in the marathon.

But all this while, someone wasn’t really happy with the irregularity of Mike’s kids in the school. Principal had other plans all together. In the letter, Principal scolded Mike for taking his kids out for such a long vacation. As soon as he read this, Mike wrote a reply to this as well and that reply is amazing.

Checkout Mike’s reply ahead. 


The Reply

So this is what Mike replied. I genuinely think that this man has a point. His frustration can be felt in this letter. His reply was fitting and just goes on to show that no matter what, your kids are best survived by you and therefore only you the authority of deciding what should be done in their life until they are old enough to do it themselves.

Hats off!


He further continued,