Pranksters Reveal The Most Creative Way They’ve Slowly Messed With Someone’s Mind.

Maybe you bumped into your friend without saying sorry. Maybe you kept your sister up for countless nights with your loud snoring. Maybe there’s no reason at all. Sometimes the joy in messing with someone may not due to retribution, but in the satisfying nature of the act itself.

These pranksters reveal the best ways they’ve slowly messed with someone’s mind.

1/25. My sister was really passive-aggressive towards her roommate. She used to eat all the berries out of Kellog’s Red Berries cereal but leave a small amount enough so she thought Kellog’s was just being cheap.

2/25. My sister is the loudest snorer on the planet. She could probably wake up your already 3 month deceased grandmother, that’s how loud she is. Anyway, I had the misfortune of sharing a room with her for 15 YEARS while growing up. Finally, when my eldest sister moved out, I got my own room.