Women Reveal The Shittest Pickup Lines That Actually Worked On Them

Girls on Reddit got together to share the worst pickup lines that actually worked on them. Some of these are just awful…

#1 (Tall) guy looked me (tall girl) up and down then drawled “Couple-a tall timbers like you and me could really start a forest fire.” He was henceforth known as Tall Timbers.

This guy tried telling me he had a magic watch, a watch that could tell me what color panties I was wearing. Of course, I knew he was feeding me a line but I played along because I thought he was cute. I asked him what his magical watch was saying. He proceeded to tap the face of the watch and say his watch must be fast because it is saying that I don’t have any panties on.

I told a guy I liked his shirt. He said ‘it will look better on you when you wake up wearing it tomorrow’.




#2 If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple. He said it out of the blue and I burst out laughing.

Watched my friend successfully use: “hey baby, are you an avocado? Because you’re the right kind of fat and probably disgusting on the inside”

I don’t know if this counts, but a guy’s Tinder bio had “times new Roman in the streets, wingding in the sheets” and me, being a graphic designer, thought it was fucking hilarious and I swiped right. He wasn’t kidding, either.