People Expose Their Most Awkward “One Night Stand” Experiences

She pooped my bed and took my car in the morning. I got my car back the next day, front seat covered in sh*t… $180 to get it detailed. Worth it…

Other people have some pretty hilarious stories. Which makes sense since most one night stands happen after a lot of booze. They shared their stories on Reddit:


Went on a date, had a fun time, had sex in a public park in the city, went back to her’s, had sex again, asked where the bathroom was, went to the bathroom, accidentally went into the wrong room, found her parents sex toy stash in the corner of the room, went home, got up in the morning, told a mate at work what happened, he told another guy at work, turns out it was his sister I had sex with and his parents stuff I had caught, he wasn’t happy, he approached me and threatened me, I told my boss what he did, he got fired, went home from work, found a box at my doorstep, took it inside and opened it, there’s a letter (cool), open the letter, it says “we’re watching you” in capital letters, looked inside the box, found a pink dildo with my name carved into the side, won’t be dating on Tinder for a bit.




Went out boozing big style, my friends said I was barely standing by 11pm so they told me to get a taxi home (taxi rank was directly outside the club).

Woke up next morning in a strange bed with shitloads of dollies and stuffed animals on a shelf…uh….ok.

Managed to put my trousers and jumper back on when a woman around a decade older than me came into the room carrying a fried egg sandwich, she smiled at me and said “you need to eat this then leave. Quietly”, then about faced and left the room.

I quickly scoff the sarnie in a vague attempt the quieten the monstrous hangover that was starting to build as the last of the booze wore off, went into the hallway and she was standing at the front door holding my coat smiling slightly. I try to ask her what happened last night but she simply shock her head and motioned to the door.

As I get outside I realise this is a really really posh estate.

I’ve not got a damn clue what happened but it left me really weirded out for a long time….



Took home this huuuuge muscly guy, super alpha. He was picking me up and kinda throwing me around the place, and I was thinking, well why not! It’s fun to feel a bit submissive sometimes. So it was fun, if a bit cheesy-try-hard.
But THEN… He starts purring. Actually purring like a large cat. It started while he was working up to cumming and when he came it was like a really loud steam engine. I couldn’t cum because it made me laugh SO much.
My flatmate heard it from her room underneath mine as well. I feel like it must have made the whole house vibrate…