The Olsen Twins Are Now 30 And Look Absolutely Different

Child actors blossoming into promising adults is an amazing thing to see. They would have won our hearts with their adorable acting talents while they were young, but as they step into their adult life they simply lose their path. I am sure all of us at some point would’ve been fans of the adorable Olsen twins.

Let us check out what they are up to now.



They had their debut at a mere six months of age in 1987. Mary Kate and Ashley were cast as Michelle Tanner on the ABC family sitcom Full House.



Sharing the role of the youngest Tanner girl, the twins were winning everyone’s heart with their adorable antics and became America’s favorite toddlers overnight.

The Early 90’s

Once they started to speak, they got a bigger part and it wasn’t long before the story lines were written to showcase their talents.


First Complete Gig, 1992

They got an opportunity to record their first album ‘Brother For Sale’ and they also starred in their first movie ‘To Grandmothers House We Go.’



Full House Ratings, 1993

The world could not get enough from the Olsen twins that the Michelle Tanner became the most popular character and it helped gross the much-needed show ratings.

Mary-Kate And Ashley, 1995

The show ‘Full House’ had completed eight seasons and the Olsen twins moved on to bigger things. They filmed their first major motion picture It Takes Two, starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirstie Alley.


The Busy 90’s.

They set on to newer pastures with new TV movies, music videos and short-lived television series.



New Passion, 2001

They plunged into a new field of creating their own fashion line.



The Last One

After few failed projects like ‘The Challenge’, ‘So Little Time’ and ‘New York Minute’, they appeared together for the last time in 2004.


Fashion Icons, 2006

Badgley Mischka signed the twins in 2006, and in 2007  they created their own line, Elizabeth & James.



Top of the fashion world in 2012

Five years after launching their own line, the twins are named the Womenswear Designers of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.




The twins are still running their own fashion lines and are currently considered amongst some of the most recognized designers in the world.