The One Thing We Never Noticed In ‘Hook’

FOMO is a popular acronym that stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Basically that one single friend of yours who desperately wants to get married for the sole reason that everyone else is has a bad case of FOMO.

ANYWAYS, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the world is so obsessed with learning about hidden easter eggs and behind-the-scenes gossip from their favorite movies or TV shows due to their constant struggle with FOMO. I mean, nobody wants to be the last to know something, right?

And if my theory is true, you’ll be pretty eager to hear about the shocking hidden gem I just found in the 1991 classic Hook.
As we all know, Hook is a live-action adaptation of the iconic Disney cartoon Peter Pan…
…which was actually an animated adaptation of a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie.