Mother Sues Hospital After Son Turns Gay From Flu Shot

San Francisco | Andrea Benenacci, the mother of a 16-year-old teenager who recently received a flu shot at San Francisco General Hospital, is suing the hospital after she noticed extreme changes in her son’s sexual preferences.

The single mother of two blames the hospital for giving her son a vaccine shot which allegedly has made him queer.

“My son was perfectly normal before the shot” she told reporters.

“ I don’t have a problem with other people being gay, don’t get me wrong. But he’s my son! ”

– Andrea Benenacci, Mother

“The doctor told me there could be some secondary effects to the shot, either fever or make him short-tempered for a few days, but they never told me he’d turn gay!” she explained, visibly furious over the whole affair.


#2 The young teenager’s 83-year-old grandmother, Fidela Benenacci, bears witness to the tremendous changes her grandson’s personality has suffered since the vaccine shot