Mom’s Are Outraged After A Woman Leaves Her Baby On The Ground In Order To Snap A Pic

A lingerie model has fired back at critics who accused her of leaving her child on the floor of a shopping mall while she took selfies in the fitting room.

Sarah Stage, 30, from LA, was accused of placing her eight-month-old baby straight onto the carpet at the centre in Sherman Oaks before taking pictures of herself in the mirror while she tried on outfits.

Earlier in the year, everybody was confused as to why Sarah Stage wasn’t gaining weight during her pregnancy. Eight months into her pregnancy, the lingerie model was still sporting a beautiful set of abs and looked like she was hardly carrying much extra weight.


Throughout the entirety of her pregnancy, she posted pictures of herself on Instagram. These photos demonstrated the remarkable shape she managed to stay in, despite being pregnant. Some of the photos she posted were of her in lingerie, bikinis, and whatever other article of clothing that is even remotely revealing.