Mom Who Hosted Naked Twister Also Allegedly Took A ‘Multi-Party’ Bubble Bath With Teens


Do you remember Rachel Lehnardt? She filed for divorce from her husband in February 2015 and wanted custody of the couple’s five children (aged 8-16). That’s when the spiteful hubby dropped a bombshell to ensure that she wouldn’t get custody of the kids. The dad said that Rachel was involved in“a game of nude twister and bubble bath” with the couple’s 16-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old boy, offered “advice to teenagers less than 17 years of age about oral, anal, and vaginal sex,” and transported “truant 16-year-olds” to a lake. Not exactly the exemplary behavior becoming of any mother, especially one seeking custody of her children during a divorce.




But wait, there’s more!

The husband also alleges that his wife abused marijuana, abandoned their children, and is involved in a relationship with a man who claims to use marijuana and Ecstasy.

Last month, “Naked Twister Mom” dodged prison time when a judge sentenced her to six years of probation and to pay $600 in fines. The judge was lenient after Lehnardt confessed to her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor that she lost custody of her five children because she hosted the party for her 16-year-old daughter and a group of her friends.